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EnCOURAGEment 4/26/12

Are your meetings a dreaded time suck or an enjoyable, productive collaboration? Nine ways to run killer meetings.

EnCOURAGEment 3/26/12

The Manning-Tebow Connection High Performance Unites With Higher Consciousness

EnCOURAGEment 2/24/12

One belief, one action or one inaction controls your rate of success.

EnCOURAGEment 2/3/12

Overcome the fear of selling yourself, ideas, products or services

EnCOURAGEment 1/3/12

Nine Unusual High-Performance Traits. The column is about high-performance business cultures, but it applies equally to families, sports teams or any other group�??s culture.

EnCOURAGEment 12/16/11

He may not be the best quarterback, but he is a fearless leader.

EnCOURAGEment 12/1/11

Lessons to learn from the quarterback and Head Coach of the Denver Broncos.

EnCOURAGEment 11/11/11

Fear of success, the most cryptic of success blocks

EnCOURAGEment 9/29/11

An amusing story of the moment Dr. North realized that beating yourself up emotionally keeps your the same.

EnCOURAGEment 9/1/11

Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions; its grip is strong and pervasive. To maximize your business success you must gain control of it.

EnCOURAGEment 7/15/11

Feel Like a Fraud? Most of us do at times!

EnCOURAGEment 6/16/11

Stop toxic brain waste ... no whining, complaining or excuses.

EnCOURAGEment 5/24/11

I’ll Give You “The Finger” … If You Don’t Focus on This

EnCOURAGEment 4/13/11


EnCOURAGEment 3/3/11

This is a differentiator between elite performers and other performers - The willingness to fail … in order to succeed!

EnCOURAGEment 01/13/11

Blast Through Fear Release: 1/7/11

BLAST THROUGH FEAR! For Women In Business A five CD program with 38 techniques and exercises for women in business

EnCOURAGEment 12/30/10: Happy 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

EnCOURAGEment 12/16/10

Three Exciting Opportunities

EnCOURAGEment 12/2/10

Why a Three-Time World Champion Stopped Focusing on Winning

EnCOURAGEment 11/18/10

How a Three-Time World Champion Mastered His Mind

EnCOURAGEment 11/4/10

Happiness — From a #1 Best-Selling Author

EnCOURAGEment 10/14/10

More Love, Less Fear

EnCOURAGEment 10/1/10

Blind Faith. A distinguishing characteristic of high performers is the “I can and I will find a way!” belief.

EnCOURAGEment 9/16/10

30 Days to Massive Confidence

All-In-12 September 2010 v2


EnCOURAGEment 8/26/10

What do world-class athletes use ...

EnCOURAGEment 8/12/10

Do you dread setting goals because you’re afraid of not attaining them? A lot of people are.

EnCOURAGEment 7/29/10

Indecision is a decision ... a decision to stay the same

All-In-12 September 2010

All-In-12. Small-group coaching for entrepreneurs.

EnCOURAGEment 7/15/10

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music.

EnCOURAGEment 7/1/10

Rebel Against the Masses of Mediocrity

EnCOURAGEment 6/17/10


EnCOURAGEment 6/3/10

Jump Off Your Potty Seat and Try This …

EnCOURAGEment 5/20/10

“Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!”

EnCOURAGEment 5/6/10

Jack Welsh, Josh McDaniels and John Elway Success Strategies.

EnCOURAGEment 4/22/10

One of the differences of the world-class is that they’re at their best under pressure

EnCOURAGEment 4/8/10

Change: Embrace it … or become obsolete.

EnCOURAGEment 3/25/10

High-performers do whatever it takes to become great - like Tim Tebow

EnCOURAGEment 3/11/10

Beautiful, graceful and tough as nails

EnCOURAGEment 2/25/10

Failure It’s a moment in time … not your destiny.

EnCOURAGEment 2/9/10

The Warren Buffett/Payton Manning Secret Strategy

EnCOURAGEment 1/28/10

High performers thrive in pain. Learning, growing and improving all require pain. High performers love this kind of pain because ...

EnCOURAGEment 1/14/10

What motivates you will in part determine your level of success. High performers are different.

2011 Courage and Confidence Website

Keynote speaker Dr. TC North Denver Boulder CO

EnCOURAGEment 12/30/09

2010 New Year poem written by TC North

EnCOURAGEment 12/10/09

A secret of high performers. High performers are never ... Also, three special announcements!

EnCOURAGEment 11/25/09

We give and we thank.

EnCOURAGEment 11/16/09

Success Secrets of World-Class Athletes - and Business Leaders

EnCOURAGEment 10/15/09

Finish strong - It's one of the defining characteristics of high performers.

EnCOURAGEment 10/1/09

Turning around a professional sports team in two weeks. Lessons for leaders.

EnCOURAGEment 09/17/09

It takes courage to be all of who you are.

EnCOURAGEment 09/05/09

recently surveyed successful entrepreneurial CEOs in one of my workshops. Amazingly, I found that 100 percent of them wanted ...

EnCOURAGEment 08/22/09

Increase Your Intelligence … Guaranteed!

EnCOURAGEment 08/08/09

It takes courage to develop confidence - How to find yours

EnCOURAGEment 07/25/09

Active rest - an oxymoron?

EnCOURAGEment 07/11/09

He Flicked a Booger at Me

EnCOURAGEment 06/27/09

Benefits of Bull Crap

EnCOURAGEment 06/13/09

One of the most cryptic and misunderstood fears: the fear of success

EnCOURAGEment 05/30/09

"I'll Be Happy When ..."

EnCOURAGEment 05/16/09

Seven Faces of Fear of Failure

EnCOURAGEment 05/02/09

What Motivates You - Pain or Pleasure? (Part 2)

EnCOURAGEment 04/18/09

What Motivates You - Pain or Pleasure?

EnCOURAGEment 04/04/09

He thrashed Goliath and built one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

EnCOURAGEment 3/21/09

Even a 15-Year-Old Can Control Confidence

EnCOURAGEment 3/9/09

Why Carol Burnett Thought Lucile Ball Was a Great Audience

EnCOURAGEment 2/21/09

"I wish I were an Oscar Mayer® Wiener...", and Hyundai®'s courage pays off!

Special Announcement 021009

Exciting New Offerings!

EnCOURAGEment 1/24/09

You Can Change the World in 54 Years

EnCOURAGEment 1/15/09

Beware - There's Bad Information Out There

EnCOURAGEment 12/27/08

Make Peace

EnCOURAGEment 12/13/08

Are perfectionists afraid to set goals?

EnCOURAGEment 11/2908

"Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people's interest first.

EnCOURAGEment 11/15/08

$500 Up in Smoke - an Unexpected Twist... A few weeks ago, I wrote an EnCOURAGEment titled "How does it feel to burn $500?"

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 10/18/08

Are you low on energy? Do you feel like you should do something else with your life?

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 10/11/08

A little end of day advice for everyone out there that is getting whipsawed around by all the craziness in the financial markets

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 10/04/08

Want to attract people to you? Wow, am I slow. I can't believe it's taken me 55 years to figure out one of the most important keys to attracting people.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 9/27/08

Happy birthday EnCOURAGEment!

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 9/20/08

" ... optimal experience depends on the ability to control what happens in consciousness moment to moment."

Special Message - DBJ - 091108

Want to increase revenues/income and be happier?

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 9/13/08

Every thought is a seed of reality. Plant only the seeds you want to harvest.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 9/06/08

Wanna be your own shrink?

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 8/30/08

I Went Catatonic With Fear!

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 08/23/08

The conscious mind processes 40 environmental stimuli per second. The subconscious mind processes 20 million environmental stimuli per second...

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 08/16/08

It's the Olympic decathlon's final event, the 1,500 meter. TC North can take home the gold if he wins this last event. He's neck and neck with ...

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 08/09/08

Can You Really Be Happier? Holy moly, the answer is a resounding YES, and there is hard science to prove it ...

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 08/02/08

Bringing a Professional Golfer to His Knees ...

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 07/26/08

Making Millions By Failing 70% of the Time ...

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 07/19/08

When is respect more important than friendship (being liked)?

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 07/12/08

What negative thought/emotion should you never express?

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 07/05/08

Everyone gets disappointed, frustrated, angry and fearful at times. How can you purge it quickly to make room for positive thoughts? Do a verbal vomit.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 06/28/08

I can’t even count the number of highly successful entrepreneurs, sales professionals and executives who’ve told me, “I feel like a fraud,”— and all these talented people had a secret (part two).

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 06/21/08

I can’t even count the number of highly successful entrepreneurs, sales professionals and executives who’ve told me, “I feel like a fraud,”— and all these talented people had a secret.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 6/14/08

Creative, revealing shower thoughts - here’s what happened in the shower today, but first, some background …

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 06/07/08

What’s your juice? I’m not referring to guava, pineapple or orange. I want to know what “juices” your energy, your motivation, your excitement?

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 5/31/08

Emotions are a continuum; sorrow is the same emotion as joy. Failure is the other end of the continuum of success. Failure deepens the joy of success.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 5/24/08

Who Wants a Balanced Life? I Don’t! Balance is different for high performers, people who are elite in their fields, than it is for average people. And, is asking about balance even the right question?

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 5/17/08

For an abundance of wealth and/or love, you need this.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 5/10/08

How can you reach the next level of success? Think, dress and act like you're already there, and give more of your time, expertise and service than others expect. The universe will reciprocate.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 5/03/08

Are you a deviant? A positive deviant, that is. If not, consider studying those who are, and then becoming one. Positive deviants are courageous people whose attitudes, behaviors and strategies dramat

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 4/26/08

An Outlier Is Drawn to the Mean. This statistical phenomenon is important to understand if you want to be a high-performer. Why? The answer is critical for your long-term success.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 4/19/08

Whining, excuses and trash talking are all emotional toxic waste, as are blaming, justifying and shaming. They hurt your self-esteem and confidence and leave you feeling like a victim. Consider:

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 4/12/08

Develop the indomitable spirit of the great ones, like Olympic gold medalist Dan O'Brien and his coach, Mike Keller, here’s their secret.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 4/05/08

What are the only two things you can ever control? Your spouse? Parents? Boss? Coach? Kids? Wouldn't that be nice! Unfortunately, none of these. What do you have 100% direct control of?

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 3/29/08

How do you have the courage to take on a GIANT? Twinky the cat knew and taught me much about how to think.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 3/22/08

Don't Treat Everyone Equally! How's that for politically incorrect?! Let me explain.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 3/15/08

One comment changed my life ... forever.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 3/8/08

A story from long ago about wisdom, truth and judgment of a Sufi master.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 3/1/08

The Consultant's Creed, a philosophy (framework) for coaching, consulting and training.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 022308

The Consultant's Creed, a philosophy (framework) for coaching, consulting and training.


Catalyst High Performance. We coach, speak and consult on courage and confidence. We also train other coaches in high-performance coaching methods.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 021608

As a consultant, coach and husband, being truthful sometimes requires finesse ...

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 020908

The Consultant's Creed ... Be present. Tell the truth. Play to win. Don't be attached to the outcome.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 020208

Many of my life's lessons have come from obscure sources. This one's about a sage in mechanic's clothes who taught me how to solve life's problems.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 012608

Napoleon Hill studied over 25,000 people who had experienced failure and concluded that lack of decision-making was one of the top causes of failure.

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 011908

One former Olympic X-C ski coach always picked a race for his skiers and told them, "Only ski at 90% of race speed." In these races, his skiers usually...

Weekly EnCOURAGEment 011208

Everyone wants more confidence, so why do we block its development?

Weekly Encouragement 010508

Increase your inner peace, happiness and hope ... by living in gratitude. This is not just froufrou stuff; there is good research that links gratitude with happiness, contentment, hope and ...

Weekly Encouragement 122907

With Self-Discipline Comes Freedom ... and Success

Weekly Encouragement 122207

Victims Blame; High Performers Accept Responsibility

Weekly Encouragement 121507

The Stockdale Paradox Face the most brutal facts of your current reality. And retain faith that you will prevail in the endgame.

Weekly Encouragement 120807

Your past is history. Your future depends on how you live in the present. The present is where your personal power is strongest.

Weekly Encouragement 120107

The courage to go face to face with one of my greatest fears ...

Weekly Encouragement 112407

When a wedgie won't stop you!

Weekly Encouragement 111707

Fire + Focus = Unstoppable!

Weekly Encouragement 111107

I am generally a very positive and happy person, but this wasn't always true. In my twenties, a girlfriend broke up with me by saying ...

Weekly Encouragement 110307

In the small town where I grew up, most guys hunted. When I was about 12 years old, I was walking in the woods mindlessly shooting ...

Weekly Encouragement 102707

A four-step process to stop and replace your destructive thoughts ...

Weekly Encouragement 102007

Elite performers including entrepreneurs, sales professionals and athletes all have an element of boldness. For example ...

Weekly Encouragement 101307

Beating yourself up keeps you the same. When this thought first occurred to me, I was teaching a corporate group to replace destructive thoughts with constructive thoughts. A lovely young lady ...

Weekly Encouragement 100707

Get comfortable being uncomfortable...

Weekly Encouragement 100107

Accept full responsibility for your life. Accept your life just as it is, no excuses, no finger pointing, no complaining.

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